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Zee 5


The campaign model with Zee 5 in included installing Apps with streaming and bringing in unique visitors to engage in the videos.


What We Did!

For unique visitors to engage in the videos, we distributed the traffic to 70% desktops and 30% mobile. We bifurcated the target audience as per language, and to show content accordingly. We also set the target audience to 50% females for women-centric television shows on mobile sites and apps and 50% males for other originals. We also considered the affinity of audiences to other interests such as Music, Movies, Sports, Health, Food, Lifestyle and Shopping. For installing Apps, we targeted the audience language-wise and state wise

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The results that we obtained for unique visitors to engage in the videos were as follows: We delivered 5000 streams daily with an average monthly delivery of 15,000 unique visitors.

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