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Tokopedia is a unicorn Indonesian technology e-commerce company operating with a marketplace model for individuals, small and midscale businesses in the country. The campaign objective was to create categorical awareness & reach on the platform leveraging Display Creatives.


What We Did!

We used our own direct exclusive and non-exclusive partner traffic and media as publishers to target analysed potential personas having an interest in niches like Lifestyle, Business, Home, Shopping, Automobile and more. By developing campaigns around Groceries, Digital Day and the brand's marketplace.

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More such cases:


As we delivered multiple campaigns here, our triumphs  can be portrayed with precise bifurcations:


  • Digital Day:

 - Sessions: 470,000

 - Delivered: 480,000

 - Transactions: 5.81%

  • Groceries:

 - Sessions: 125,000

 - Delivered: 130,000

 - Transactions: 3.50%

  • Marketplace:

 - Sessions: 650,000

 - Delivered: 710,000

 - ROAS: 4000%

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